AI-Driven Networking: Building Profound Professional Connections

1. Introduction: Networking in the Digital Age
The advent of technology has drastically reshaped how professionals connect and collaborate. At the forefront of this transformation is Artificial Intelligence, which promises more intentional and meaningful networking experiences.

2. The Limitations of Traditional Networking
Historically, networking was often based on chance encounters and manual efforts. While serendipity had its charm, it also meant that many potential collaborations or partnerships remained unexplored due to missed opportunities.

3. Smart Matchmaking: The AI Advantage
One of AI’s most significant contributions to professional networking is smart matchmaking. Algorithms now assess a myriad of factors, including skills, interests, and professional needs, to introduce professionals who might find mutual value in a connection.

4. The Science Behind AI Matchmaking
These algorithms operate on vast databases, analyzing individual profiles, past collaborations, feedback, and endorsements. By considering both explicit inputs (like skills listed) and implicit ones (derived from interactions or endorsements), AI crafts a nuanced understanding of professionals’ networking needs.

5. Bots: Facilitating the First ‘Hello’
The introduction is a critical part of networking. AI-driven bots are now designed to make this process seamless. By initiating conversations based on shared interests or potential collaboration areas, these bots ensure that the first interaction is warm and contextually relevant.

6. Beyond Professional Platforms: AI in Social Media
It’s not just professional platforms like LinkedIn that benefit from AI. Social media platforms are also leveraging AI to suggest connections or groups where professionals can interact, expanding the horizon of networking opportunities.

7. Reducing Randomness: Precision in Connection
By curating suggestions based on a combination of factors, AI reduces the randomness traditionally associated with networking. This ensures that professionals don’t waste time on connections that lack synergy, leading to a more efficient networking process.

8. Continuous Learning: AI’s Evolving Algorithms
What makes AI-driven networking truly powerful is its capacity for continuous learning. As professionals interact, provide feedback, or establish new collaborations, AI refines its understanding, ensuring even more precise connection suggestions in the future.

9. The Future: Holistic Networking Ecosystems
The future holds the promise of holistic AI-driven networking ecosystems. These platforms will not only suggest connections but also recommend events, webinars, or forums where professionals can meet, ensuring a 360-degree approach to building and nurturing professional relationships.

10. Conclusion: Embracing the AI Networking Revolution
As the lines between the physical and digital world continue to blur, AI stands as a beacon for professionals seeking meaningful connections. By embracing this AI-driven networking revolution, professionals can ensure they are always in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

How is DigiRefer a new take on lead generation?

“DigiRefer,” standing for digital referrals, modernizes traditional lead generation by utilizing digital platforms to source referrals. This approach not only simplifies the process of email list building but also brings the potential for increased personalization and engagement in campaigns. However, implementing “DigiRefer” should be a considered decision, ensuring it aligns with the business model and meets customer requirements.

A key consideration in employing “DigiRefer” is the referrer’s ability to implement segmentation, as it is crucial for the success of email campaigns. The effectiveness of “DigiRefer” is maximized when the referrer can segment the contact list based on criteria like industry, job title, and company size, leading to highly targeted and personalized campaigns.

While “DigiRefer” can be a potent tool in digital marketing, it shouldn’t substitute for a deep understanding of the target audience and independent research. Instead, it should serve as a supplementary strategy. Also, the quality of digital referrals is as essential as the contacts themselves. Therefore, referrals should be sourced from reputable and reliable sources for successful email campaigns.

“DigiRefer” blends the conventional practice of referrals with modern digital platforms, offering a fresh approach to list building. It holds the potential to improve campaign effectiveness and broaden market reach. However, it requires a thorough understanding of the target market and a capable referrer who can accurately segment contacts, underscoring the need for careful execution. In conclusion, “DigiRefer” is a promising tool in digital marketing but necessitates a thoughtful strategy for successful implementation.

DigiRefer Reveals First of Ten Secrets for #74 Ask AI Guy Answers Question “AI Revenue Generating Invented?”

Embark on your journey with, your digital guide to crafting your unique revenue-generating system. This crucial part of the “Ask AI Guy’s” AI Revenue Generating System equips you with digital tools and resources to create your own financial success. Subscribing to the “Ask AI Guy’s” newsletter gives you the key to this system, as well as exclusive daily AI marketing secrets. Join now and access and the rest of the ten steps within the vast Blog Coalition.

Harness the Power of Digital References (DigiRefer)

Harness the Power of Digital References (DigiRefer): DigiRefer encourages you to get digital references that will serve as the groundwork for your AI-driven revenue-building process. It involves identifying your ultimate goal, plotting a roadmap to achieve it, and understanding the robust advantages of using AI in this journey.

Embrace the DIY Digital Transformation (DIY Digi): This step harnesses the might of the DIY culture and digitization. It necessitates you to take ownership of your AI strategy, execute it meticulously, and appreciate the immense benefits of owning and driving the digital transformation process with a solution based on the use of text to speech and how this is integrated.

Decode the Enigma of DocuMystery: The hybrid genre of DocuMystery, where Documentary meets Mystery, provides a unique setting to explore AI. This step helps you comprehend the mystique of AI, devise a strategy to navigate it, and discover the profound benefits this enigma holds. Use a text to art solution in conjunction with this step.

Leverage Entertainment Entrepreneurship: Here, entertainment combines with entrepreneurship to offer a unique approach towards AI-driven revenue generation. The step elucidates how to strategically incorporate entertainment into your AI journey and explains the thrilling benefits of this fusion. Now use a text to video solution to bring about the actual doing of this step.

Acknowledge the Need for Assistance (Help is Given): This step emphasizes the significance of acknowledging when you need assistance, especially in the complex domain of AI. By recognizing when and how to seek help, you unlock numerous benefits that assist in efficiently achieving your goal. Use a text to song approach as the solution for this in ten steps.

Channel the Marketer’s Magic (Houdini Day): Inspired by the marketing prowess of Houdini, this step demonstrates how to incorporate Houdini’s marketing magic into your AI strategy and reap the incredible benefits that this amalgamation offers. For this you will need to utilize a text to website solution in ten steps.

Unleash the Power of Your Mind (Invent Mentalism): Invent Mentalism encourages the invention of ideas using your mind and understanding your customers’ mindset. It underlines how to use this cognitive process to your advantage and the significant benefits it can provide. For this you will need a text to strategy solution in ten steps.

Navigate the Digital Metropolis (Inwood Manhattan): Using Inwood Manhattan as a metaphor for the digital universe, this step helps you to understand your journey within this digital metropolis, strategically plan your route, and appreciate the tremendous benefits of successfully navigating the digital landscape. This requires the integration of a text to copywriting approach for the critical page of your website that you will launch the strategy from in ten steps.

Counter AI’s Job Takeover (Jobs to AI): The imminent threat of AI taking over jobs requires strategic planning. This step defines the purpose of such a strategy, offers a detailed plan to execute it, and the significant benefits it can yield. This needs a text to analytics approach in ten steps.

Master the Art of Learning from Doing: This final phase emphasizes the importance of experiential learning in the realm of AI. It provides insights on how to effectively learn from each experience and the lasting benefits this approach provides in your journey towards substantial revenue generation. Text to big picture off company campaign being used and specifics of how in ten steps using all the AI tools necessary, the big benefit and outcome is that revenue is coming in and the AI methods needed to do so.

DigiRefer is Back

Digirefer Says AI is as Exciting as Going to the Moon

DigiRefer is back, back again, and possibly better than your Aunt Gertrude’s secret apple pie recipe. You know, the one she won’t even give to her favorite nephew. And oh boy, they are kicking up a dust cloud in the AI industry that’s likely to make any self-respecting robot blush.

Rumor has it that the Ask AI Guy, who has a new book just written today called “AI Fast WordPress Website” as well as is the renowned two month old tech guru (part robot, part human) ,has taken it up a notch. The Ask AI Guy project now has three of the approximately 75 sites of the Blog Coalition joining in more directly with the Ask AI Guy and subsequently those of DigiRefer.

“Books on AI.” It’s an arm dedicated solely to books about artificial intelligence. “Books on AI,” has got you covered. The information is there, waiting for you to consume, as easy as eating that aforementioned apple pie.

The second division, “Marketing Services AI,” is the George Clooney of marketing, suave, sophisticated, and ready to steal the limelight. The traditional marketing playbook is being rewritten, my friends. It’s all about AI now. Just like how the fax machine replaced the pigeon carrier, AI is the new marketing starlet, ready to make your business shine brighter than a diamond.

Now, buckle up, because the third revelation is a newsletter that’s going to set the world on fire. Literally? No. Metaphorically? Absolutely. Say hello to “AI GLAD,” the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence Global Latest Alerts Diary. This isn’t your usual newsletter, mind you. It’s the equivalent of having an eagle-eyed AI scout delivering a hand-picked list of AI news, trends, and tips straight to your inbox.

“AI GLAD” is a rhapsody of useful content and a cure for the ignorance epidemic in this rapidly growing field. Forget the monotonous, generic newsletters. This is your personalized source of the latest AI shenanigans, all aimed at helping you succeed in this brave new world.

And DigiRefer has been invited to the party also. See you next time!

DigiRefer is Referring the “Ask AI Guy” as a Good Source of Info Regarding AI, Even if Only Reading the Blog

DigiRefer Refers the Ask AI Guy with Posts such as those that are resources for Learning How to Integrate AI into Your Small Business

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in the business world, and for good reason. AI technology is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable. As a result, there has been an increasing demand for reliable sources of information about AI, and one such source is the “Ask AI Guy.”

The “Ask AI Guy” is known for his expertise in the field and his ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms. He prides himself on being able in very easy to understand terms ways that businesses can benefit from adding AI to their processes. Even if you are a person in need with a company in need, you are likely to find something useful and at low or no cost.

The “Ask AI Guy” is a prolific writer, having written several books on AI. In fact, he writes a new short book each and every day! He oversees a blog for the site Ask AI Guy .com, then takes aspects of the blog and expands usually around 500 words to 5,000. Although that is ten times as many words, it is still short for a book. Which in this instance is a very good thing since the whole idea is to not waste your time reading and instead to be doing. Each 5,000 words or more books are focused on a single aspect of the AI Marketing or AI Business process. So you get just what you need with no fluff.

The “Ask AI Guy” blog, which is regularly updated with new content, is a valuable resource for anyone interested in AI, whether they are a novice or an expert.

Have you ever been referred to as someone who could fit the description of “Different is You?” In other words you are unique? If so, that is a very good thing, especially in business if you are able to find just the right audience for what you offer. This is also one of the ways that the “Ask AI Guy” does what he does.

Meanwhile, DigiRefer (the site you are on now), has referred the “Ask AI Guy” as a good source of information regarding AI, even if only reading the blog.

This is because keeping up with AI is important, especially for small businesses looking to leverage this technology to improve their marketing efforts and other important business tasks.

With AI, businesses can automate routine tasks such as data entry, customer service, and marketing analysis, allowing them to focus on more important tasks such as strategy and innovation. By integrating AI into their marketing process, businesses can improve their targeting and messaging, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

One super simple way of integrating AI into your promotional process is by using chatbots. Chatbots are AI-powered tools that can interact with customers in a natural language, providing assistance, answering questions, and even processing orders. By using chatbots, businesses can provide round-the-clock customer support, improve their response time, and reduce their workload.

Another way to integrate AI into your marketing process is by using predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is a branch of AI that uses data mining, machine learning, and statistical algorithms to analyze historical data and predict future outcomes. By using predictive analytics, businesses can anticipate customer needs, identify trends, and make more informed decisions.

The more you know about your target audience and what they want, the better position this puts you in because you are able to create things or services of elements they want to purchase. This is important, especially if you are integrating a lot of DigiComArts components, which even if you do these yourself or use AI, there still is effort needed. And of course, given a choice, generally choose AI!

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is another area of AI that businesses can leverage to improve their marketing efforts. NLP is the ability of machines to understand and interpret human language. By using NLP, businesses can analyze customer feedback, sentiment, and language patterns to improve their messaging, branding, and customer experience.

Image recognition is another area of AI that businesses can use to their advantage. By using image recognition technology, businesses can automatically tag and categorize images, making it easier to search and retrieve them. This can be especially useful for businesses that rely heavily on visual content, such as social media marketing.

In conclusion, AI is changing rapidly, and businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve need to keep up with the latest developments in the field. The “Ask AI Guy” is a valuable resource for anyone interested in AI, and his books and blog are excellent starting points for businesses looking to integrate AI into their promotional process. By leveraging the power of AI, businesses can automate routine tasks, improve their targeting and messaging, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

What is the DigiRefer System and How Can Knowing it Maybe Change Your Life?

If this is Your “Before” Shot, What is the “After?”

METHOD HOW You Can Maybe “Change Your Life?”

Some pretty bold statements in the title of this blog post. Yes indeed. We do not know about you but if someone starts throwing around claims that what they offer could change your life, we usually roll our eyes and then utter under our breath sarcastically “Yah, right.” Making big promises like saying that you know the secret to Art Gush which can supposedly help you to gush out art from within you.

METHOD HOW to Use the DigiRefer Solution to the Problem of Knowing You Need to be More Creative to Make a Difference in the U.S.A. and the World!

Again, this heading is a bit too grandiose for our taste. We would be quite happy to just be happy let alone inspire others in America and transform the Earth into a better place. Again, achieving the state of mind to be “Happy to be Happy” would be enough. Or for that matter, rather than thinking about things that can cause you pain, maybe even find a moment to chuckle by watching Bigfoot Zombie tap dance.

METHOD HOW to Become “”Happy to be Happy”

Some say this is possible, so let’s look into finding the solution of achieving this. Why? Because in some ways, as seems to be the case with many others, we could be described as being “Unhappy to be Unhappy.”

METHOD HOW to Get into Your Corner What Everyone Knows Needs and Know they Need it, plus, Spoiler Alert, We are Not Speaking of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness (Despite How Nice it is to Have Those Things)

Or even if we could be happy to “not be totally unhappy,” would, well make us more happy and possibly be more creative. Why become more creative? For us it is because we believe that “Creativity” is one of the most useful solutions to problems so everyone needs it, and owes to themselves to have it.

METHOD HOW to Start to Learn a lesson in “Creativity” Using the DigiRefer System

Look, we have said it before and we will say it again, the most important step in becoming more successful is to stop judging yourself so intensely. If you pulled back just a little bit and let the sunshine in (Sorry, Ugh) there really can live “Happily Ever After.” Really?

METHOD HOW to Overcome Being a Cynic

We are going there? Sure. Why not? Because those, like ourselves, who gag at the thought of “Happily Ever After” could mean we are cynics and as everyone knows. most cynics are disappointed idealists. Plus, if you are the kind of disappointed idealist who believe if you are able to Celebify yourself to become famous, then you would be happy. Not true. Fame does make you happy. But it can mean paychecks to live quite comfortably.

METHOD HOW to Use the “DigiRefer” System as your Pathway to become a “Winner in Business?”

First off, being a “Winner in Business” simply means that rather than trading hours for payment one hour at a time, one who “wins” in the entrepreneurship process, is a person who has figured out how to use “DigiRefer.” But how is this done? What is the METHOD HOW to do it?

METHOD HOW to Go from Being “N.P.” to Become Just “P” thereby Possessing the Ability to Use the DigiRefer System to Get What You Want, Need and Desire

DigiRefer” as an idea can involve those who are creative. DigiRefer is what some use as a term to describe the referring of someone who is versed in some area of the digital industry, to then have that person help out on a project of some kind. We could go into a definition of “Digital” as involving the “Non-Positive” (N.P.) and “Positive” (P).

METHOD HOW to Use DigiRefer in Order to Utilize Digital Roads to Success

But rather than delving into science and complexity, for our purpose’s digital is a way of storing data. For example, if we take a picture with our phone, the image is digital. The picture or data is stored on your phone. And those who specialize as workers in the digital domain, often involve creativity in a digital process, such as putting together a digital video or a digital graphic. We have just barely scratch the surface of what is possible with DIgiRefer and other useful tools.

Yianni Stamas Visits DigiRefer and Shows You How to NOT Judge Yourself when You are Engaged in the Creative Process and are Attempting to Create Something New

If You Have a New Idea Do Not Discredit Yourself Before it is Done

What does that description “New” really mean? Is it a discovery of something never seen before? Or is everything seen as “New” really, technically, never seen before? You may believe that even an idea is not new, because it existed prior in various components and those components have components and so on. Yianni Stamas in some of the blogs of the Blog Coalition has always tried to make it clear the importance of becoming your own friend. Introduce yourself to you such as “You Meet You.”

Is the New Business Process Really “New”?

Look, in a sense there is really nothing new at all about the so-called New Business Process. Some might say that “cutting edge promoting” is merely a compilation of old standard ways of doing things, as they have been done in marketing and promotions in maybe a different format, but still existing for decades, maybe just in a different form.

“Don’t second guess yourself about what is new and what is not. The irony is it could get you stuck in a negative loop, hence missing a chance to make something new!

There is a Reason Products often Use the Phrase “New and Improved”

Using the term “New” definitely makes some people feel uncomfortable though, because for all they know someone else may have come up with this exact take on business years ago. And it is probably the case. But in the end it is just marketing.

What is the First Step?

Now let’s begin to break it down. What is the “New (?) Business Process?” It is a 10 step process for Producer Creators to develop an idea further. We all have ideas from time to time regarding business, but then often throw them to the side thinking that it was not a good idea anyway. Or was it?

How do You Know if an Idea is Good or Bad?

The funny thing is that even if in its current incarnation you think your concept is bad, maybe you could make it into something you can get excited about. And maybe this thought can be a part of a rationale that leads to continuing to continue.

Yiann Stamas adds “Don’t Start Beating Yourself Up Before You Even Get in the Race,” there are Enough People Out there Who Will Do that for You!”

So what can I do to make this a little more to the point? We all know the clique that “writing is rewriting.” Some go further with this statement by using the metaphor of an idea being like a block of ice. Right now it is, well, a block of ice. But maybe you have a vision of some kind thinking about how you can carve it into a sculpture of a person, place or thing?

Is Your Ice Sculpture New?

If you made a block of ice into a person, is that new? Is the figure you are working on have something familiar about it? We are all working in one way or another with the source of years of experiences. These experiences could prompt you to use an idea from your past, that you do not even remember you had.

And now it is that notion that is prompting you, which you think is new but is actually a subconscious memory. So is what you have made new? As Yianni Stamas says in leaving “If it is new to you that is all that really matters!”

Can Hypnosis Help You Promote Your Business and if so, what is the “Method How?”

“You are Getting Sleepy, Very Sleepy!”

Are Advertisers Putting Us in a Trance?

When some think of the term “Hypnosis” in their mind they see old movies in which a person stares into a swirling spiral that goes around and around as the hypnotist says, “You are getting sleepy, very sleepy.” This is often then followed by the person doing the hypnotizing orders to do something that the person hypnotized would not normally do.

But is hypnotism real? Can it Play a Role in Your Business?

To begin to unpack the answers to these questions it is important to make a note. Hypnotism is often portrayed as someone controlling someone else and getting them to do things against their will. Is it possible for you to hire a hypnotist with an expertise in promotions, to put people into a waking state of sleep during which they are told to purchase what you are selling, followed by them doing this? What do you think?

The Truth About Hypnotism for Building Awareness About Your Business

Sure, it would be great if you could wave a magic wand and get people to buy your products and services, and in movies, television and entertainment streaming online, this is sometimes portrayed as a solid selling tool. But the reality is that even if you are able to actually hypnotize the viewer regarding your promoting of your wares, it has been scientifically proven that you can’t get an individual who is under hypnosis to do something that they would not do when awake. In short, you cannot get someone under control to do your bidding and make purchases from you unless the problem you solve is something that in their everyday life they have need for and might buy.

Is Hypnosis Valuable in Any Way in Marketing?

You may have heard the theory about how in a movie theater someone flashed on the screen for less than a second the image of popcorn so that the audience would subliminally get it stuck in their unconscious minds that they should buy popcorn, thereby causing them to go purchase a snack. The jury is out on whether or not this actually works. There are claims that tests have been done to show it is effective, whereas on the other side, there are marketing experts who say that it is pure hokum. Think about it this way. If flashing subliminal messages really works as a marketing tool, everyone would be doing it.

What Good Can Hypnotism do for Promoting?

If you are a marketer or a small business owner and feel deep inside that hypnotism would work well for your business, by all means do it. Go to a hypnotist and use it to help you stop smoking or even to come up with advertising ideas. Look, hypnotism is a topic that interests a lot of people, so if your market is enchanted with the idea of being hypnotized, it could become a topic of your advertising, that potentially be more effective than flashing “Buy this Now” for a millisecond!

DigiRefer and How Digital Referrals Can Make a Difference for Your Business, Plus a Look at the New Hire Online Culture

Things have changed dramatically even in the last five years. Yes, in just half a decade ago, remote workers were not a mainstream concept. Because of better technology and COVID, all that has changed. Business for many is different than it used to be.

Like most things there are pros and cons of hiring online and then working with that individual digitally. Clearly, referrals by someone in your industry who you trust is the best possible solution. But this is not always possible.

We live in a world where reviews are vital. If you have never worked with a specific freelancer before, even with that person having good reviews, for you it is still a gamble. Most freelancer digital worker sites give you ways you can observe your hire doing the work, which is especially important if you are being charged by the hour.

Another protection that can help you as well, is that most online dig refer sites give you a way that you can inspect the work before you pay. This is helpful because it means that if you are unhappy with the outcome, you can get them to try again, now maybe with the worker having a clearer idea of what you want.

The flip side of scrutinizing remote workers is that just as you can positive or negative reviews of a person, they can do the same back to you, with both side of this often being visible to all.

But moving aside for the moment the downsides of online hiring, the benefits are quite remarkable for those on a budget for which they do not have room for hiring more employees. It now becomes possible to hire on a project-by-project basis, rather than the expense of an employee, either part or full time.

Also, although you still have to go through a worker vetting process, it is a lot faster and easier than do in-person interviews and then tracking the hire.

And Things Continue to Change Because the Only Constant is, well, You Know…But Wait, Aren’t We Really Just Going Around in Circles?!”

Rebel Without a Voice

As we make our way through inflation, COVID, and sad to say, a country divided, we find ourselves metamorphizing our original concept of “DigiRefer” as being an organization that does digital referrals, and instead seem to be becoming a group committed to marketing with the goal and mission to help those in need of specific promotional strategies.

This change came quite by accident really. I was speaking with Marketer Magician, and we were discussing our two favorite topics: marketing and magic. The keystone of the banter back and forth was to key in on the best possible way to identify and reach the exact right person to be a customer of your company and its offer.

Easier said than done though. Because as we delved deeper and deeper it became clear to us, we were both a long way away from achieving this goal. The desired objective of course, is that the exact moment your ideal customer is searching for, you are there to provide it to them. But this requires being a “voice” in your industry, and the best that we could see is that each of us was a rebel without a voice.

They are Big Because they Must be Trustworthy, Right?

We got deeper into the concept of, in a sense, screening who to let in. Of course, the simple way to do this is to actually list the kinds of jobs, agencies and production companies that you are a fit for, and then to pursue them.

Look, if you are a marketer, or work in the web world, then you know that you need to reach someone who is actually interested in your offer. But the real question is, how do you reach that person to put them on track with your own brand’s customer journey? It is easier said than done to ultimately nail a sale.

If you have dollars to waste and burn, then the knee jerk reaction would be to immediately give everything you’ve got to a search engine or social media platform and assign them the task of finding for you your perfect customer from their database and link them to you for a big fee.

Are We Saying to Big Brands “Feel Free to use my Identity?

The biggies are able to monetize our private information with our blessings because we choose to live in a stupor. We choose not to see what is really going on which is that in the end, the mega corps are really advertising agencies that sell our most private info for big bucks. And we let them do this. Why? Because they give us teensy weensy digital trinkets like “free” email addresses, ways to communicate with friends, and document makers.

Why do people give up their most private information for little “digital trinkets?” Maybe it is because most people trust big brands, thinking to themselves that social and search corporations are big for a reason, that they are mostly trustable. Because if they were not, why then would so many people work with them? Ask that same question of any dictator.

Is There a Better Way?

If you have a heart but have used the ad services of search engine and social media platforms, you may have wondered to yourself,

“Is there any other way of targeting and audience?”

Watch now as the SEO and Content Marketing folks pop out of the woodwork and tell you about how they will optimize your site so that you are found by, get this, search engines! That’s right, the so-called “alternative methods” of reaching people still is ultimately ruled over by the search and social undercover advertising agencies. But is there a better way? Or to put it another way,

“What are our options?”

Although most likely we are now actually in the grips of “Big Brother,” it is still reassuring to believe that a highly moral solution is just around the corner. Although they are likely a bit deluded, DIY Digi is searching for a “win win solution.”