The Search for the Next Big Idea

Out of My Subconscious Emerged What I Really Should be Focusing on

For the past few hours I have been writing what I thought was going to be a post for this blog, but soon realized that instead of what I thought I was writing, what I was actually doing was detailing my latest “plan.”

Which One is the “Ultimate Must-Do?”

For several months I have been going down the rocky path of making my way through a multitude of different ideas of what I thought I was going to be doing next. But each concept I came up with would inevitably mutate into to yet another direction. Time and time again I would arrive at what I thought was “The One” but it would suddenly transform into yet another so-called “Ultimate Must-Do .”

Changing Action Plan, After Action Plan, After Action Plan

Needless to say, this has frequently led to me feeling frazzled and unclear. This especially true because throughout the years, when I was looking for my next entrepreneurial undertaking the formula was simple. I would decide on the coming direction based on need at first, but also on the vision aspect. Additionally, another thing that informed my decision was based on the latest technology and having access to it before others, giving me an edge. But I’ve had no such luck recently. Nothing truly connected to cutting edge media has been uncovered. It is always “back to the drawing board.” I have creating computer folder after folder containing the info and images I have generated, hoping that this would be the action plan to stick with.

Is This the One?

I read something yesterday in a blog post that I found quite interesting and accurate in defining what I have been going through. The author was exploring methods for success, examining various approaches of goal setting and follow-through in regards to them. Specifically, the entry was about the way that we sometimes can not find what we are looking for, believing the next fleeting contestant is the one we surely will stay with.

How to Find What You are Seeking

The moral of the story of the article I was reading online, is that when faced with many choices, pick one and stick with it. Even though there will be times that you will feel that the concept you are currently working on is the worst idea ever, keep working on it anyway and eventually it will evolve into what you have been seeking.

Kicked Off of the Conveyor Belt

This insight resonates with me. I am the kind of person who never has a lack of new material formulating in my mind. My brain is often in overdrive, popping out new stuff onto the conveyor belt, only to have it kicked to the floor, making way for the next choice, and then the one after that, and the one after that. This has been my experience lately.

Been There, Done That

The ray of hope though, is that I realized as I jotted words down for what I thought originally was going to be today’s blog content. As I mentioned earlier, I found that what I was writing was turning out to not be the blog post I thought I was composing. Instead it had transformed from being a website entry to the beginning of writing a blueprint for a fresh way of looking at a concept that I had before.


I have been rather secretive in my process as of late. The reason for keeping it under wraps is because until I was certain about something, mums the word (pun intended for those in the know). Because there is nothing worse than revealing a project idea stating “This is what I am going to do” only to, almost immediately, abandon it and move onto the next contender. Letting the cat out of the bag so to speak, has its headaches.


There is a  possible light at the end of the tunnel though. The last 3 ideas I have had for what is next, have themselves been interspersed with a return to a certain concept. Three times went back to it. Fingers crossed.

Digirefer in Holding Pattern and Hoping for Reinvention so that on their Return they Can Reach Out to You

An Online Solution?

In addition to having many other sources for possible income, can occasionally be a go-to solution for those who are seeking new work opportunities. But now that many digital freelancers have lost their primary jobs due to cutbacks brought on by the Coronavirus, it has become much more difficult to find freelance work. The dream is that someone would centralize a solution in the interest of many by founding a place to go for those who make their living on the internet. In reaction to this dream Digirefer made this statement:

 “At Digirefer we wish we could be your solution today, but sadly we cannot. We are forced to go into a holding pattern. Our apology to all those who are negatively impacted by this action. We hope that during our recess we will be able to reinvent ourselves to better serve you tomorrow.”

The Pandemic has had an Impact on Digital Workers

Because of the pandemic and building competition, to best serve those who they work w, digirefer is in a holding pattern to allow themselves to be able to have a focus on reinventing themselves with greater access to employment leads. Having a place to get leads would be extremely helpful considering the deluge of digital creatives seeking work online. This problem just gets worse, even as the virus is easing up. It is especially challenging for emerging digital freelancers who have not yet established themselves in the industry. They are the first ones to get left out.

Do not Wait Around, Act

But is there a place that someone looking for digital work, despite the dog-eat-dog realities of there being too many people all hoping to land the few gigs that are available. The short answer for someone on the job search is that they do not give up and instead continue to make the rounds, tapping into those who have relationships and could potentially set up meetings for them. Obvious, yes. But not all those in need are remaining active in their search. And maybe one day Digifer will return, having a new and better business model for helping those they serve.

Discovering Your Digital Tool Needs

The Key is to Get Started

DigiRefer literally means a service that can provide referrals to your best fit digital experts who can then in turn help you with your digital packaging needs. Needs include websites, online videos and so on. We by no means are trying to sell you on the products and services of DigiRefer but rather are using them as an example of a strategy you can use to get the help you require to keep climbing that ladder rung by rung, gate keeper to gate keeper.

Do the Research

When you are seeking out those who can make you digital tools, it is a good idea to do a web search using keywords that include the industry you are in and what kind of digital tools you need. How do you know what kind of tools you are looking for? This information is found by researching others who are higher up on the ladder than you are. Research the kind of tools they used at various stages of their career or business.

Looking for a Good Fit

But keep in mind that the digital tools that you need to have created for you, are a part of a strategy to help get you through that next door. Different levels of your pursuit require different tools adapted to each stage. Although it is a good idea to take your cues from what worked for successful people in your industry, there is a strategy that could be a good fit depending on what industry you are in.

Succeeding in Your Niche

If your industry is very niche and requires having experts in that niche, you need to position yourself as an expert. This starts with you being an expert in your field. But once this has been achieved, how do you then climb the ladder of visibility to become KNOWN as an expert throughout your industry? One might think that the way to do this is through showing your impressive resume and accomplishments. Although there is a time and place for this, what your readers or viewers are going to be most interested in is getting from you, good solid information that helps to solve problems that are faced in your industry.

Provide Value

The irony is that to become well known yourself is not to put the focus on YOU but rather is achieved through you helping others in your industry. In other words, take the spotlight off you and shine the light on the needs and solutions of those you help in your industry. This can be done through having a blog, or video or even social media platforms. If going the social media route makes sense, you want to be certain that you interact with your audience looking to help solve their problems related to your industry. Answer their questions and provide them with information of value to them.

Gathering Data

The providing of good information to others is a way you can grow your business, especially if you are in an industry that makes a product or service that requires special expertise to implement. This makes it more likely that even when you provide information to others that they are not likely to do it themselves. This increases the odds in your favor that they will become your clients. That is why when you help people to gain industry knowledge, you are building trust with them that if handled properly could result in having those who you help to become your customers. One way you can capture their information is by having a newsletter that is delivered weekly or monthly.

Gain Respect

A great way of maximizing the potential for your newsletter to lead to getting new clients, requires a strategy that seems counter intuitive. This strategy it to charge people money to receive your newsletter. That is right, if you have a monthly fee that is automatically paid to you monthly through your customer’s credit card, this can result in the recipient of your paid newsletter to eventually seek you out for your products and services. Why? Because when they pay you for your niche information, they tend to have more respect for your knowledge than when they get it for free.

Digital Tools

The more you entertain, inspire, and provide useful knowledge that solves the problems for those in your industry, the more likely you are to have them eventually work with you. Become a face they know and grow to trust. Stay away from inundating them with tons of words and instead show them how to maximize their industry pursuits digitally. The need for online and digital solutions is especially important because due to the Pandemic many people remain in their homes and rely on their phones and computers to move their businesses forward. If you want to move forward yourself in your business or career, be sure to get the digital tools you need as well.

Yianni Stamas Cries Out Joyfully: “Let it be know that Today is the Winter Solstice Which is a Great Time to Reflect on the Fact that DigiRefer is More than Just a Tool, it is a Way to Bring People Together

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

The photo above is of Winter snow here in Manhattan. A time for sledding with your kid or kids and yes, the Winter Solstice.

A Time of Celebration

Hi Everyone Y.E.S. here (Yianni Euripides Stamas) reiterating that the Winter Solstice arrived and that it is a time of celebration for various cultures across the globe.

Wikipedia points out that other versions of the Winter Solstice internationally include:

  • Alban Arthan (Welsh)
  • Blue Christmas (holiday) (Western Christian)
  • Brumalia (Ancient Rome)
  • Dongzhi Festival (East Asia)
  • Korochun (Slavic)
  • Sanghamitta Day (Theravada Buddhism)

And so on.

Pandemic and Division

Also it is a time of thanks from DigiRefer. We are happy if you have used DigiRefer as a tool in your toolbox for getting the digital workers you need to create your art or business endeavors. All we ask in return is that you use your newfound power as a manager to focus on things that are good for your community whether online or off. The more people who are focused on service the better it will be in these challenging times of a Pandemic and a division between the folks in our great country.

Your Goals

Achieve Your Sub Goals

Working with a company like DigiRefer can be helpful to your bottom line because you will find people to work with who are just the right fit for you and your business. As we discussed earlier, it is going to be harder for an introvert to become a billionaire, but not impossible, but definitely more tough. This is why you must push yourself to build your knowledge. The key here is to learn how to take new information and put it into actionable steps. You may have an overall business plan, but things do not necessarily turn out how you might think they should always have a good plan B to achieve your sub goals.

Afraid to Fail?

And we’ve all heard this one, but don’t be afraid to fail. It is how you deal with failure that is important. You want to stand up, dust yourself off, and get back on track. This is of course easier said than done but is vital if you want to become a billionaire.

Impact Your Business

And something we have not discussed is your priorities. Your business needs to be your first priority. Everything in your life must be designed around this. That’s not to say you shouldn’t get married and have kids but think of things like this through deeply. Is now the best time? How will it impact my business?

You Need Focus

Along the way you might meet people with similar goals. Depending on their drive and other qualities, it can be a good idea cultivating friendships with these people, as long as it doesn’t take away or may even help your business. The arc in the beginning is to go from having all the focus on developing yourself, then as things start to move forward you can let in more people. But you also need to be focused on what works for you and your business.

Know Abilities of those You Keep Close

The idea is that you want to build a network of people around yourself. Your network is everything, You need to get to know key people in all areas of what you do and what you plan to do. Therefore, select these people carefully and know exactly how they best can help you.

Find those Who Will Invest in You

Another area you want to cultivate is to bring people into your life who have money and whose trust you want to earn. At certain key moments you are going to want to have the relationships necessary to get people who are willing to invest in you.

Puzzle Board

Your view of money also needs to change. You need to stop thinking of a million dollars being a lot. That amount of money to you, although you take it seriously, should be not that much to you. Because as you evolve, you are going to want to start being able to see it all as a puzzle board that you are moving pieces around on.

What Marketing Tools are Right for You?

Each online marketing tool has a purpose and a benefit. Also, there is no right or wrong answer to what the purpose or benefit is, because it is entirely open to you and your interpretation. You can select what works best for you.

We have certain tools that we like. Also, these are the exact same tools we use for our own marketing. In fact, it is very possible these strategies are what lead you to us. Additionally, we custom make these tools for others who either don’t know how to make them or are too busy to take the time to do so.

Additionally, when we make tools for our clients, since each has a purpose and benefit, we provide our customers with a bit of consulting, especially if they decide they want to wield their tools on their own and not have us do so for them.

Remembering the Media

The Way Things Were Once Done

It’s incredible the light speed path that DigiRefer has taken. Remembering the media at the time that DigiRefer first entered the web arena. Even though this was fairly recently, the way things were done has changed since then.

The Need for Teams Emerges

And change is something that DigiRefer has taken in stride, always presenting their clients with those who are adept with the latest technology. In fact, DigiRefer has even begun creating whole teams of people, all remotely working.

Saying Goodbye to the Past Scenery

Teams are much more popular now, especially for industries that don’t have anyone in the media arts as an employee. Remembering the media. DigiRefer has put the old media they started with, into their rear view mirror!

Are You a Mad Scientist?

Like a mad scientist mixing up potions, we invite you to dive right in and head up the experiment of developing your own take on the information contained here. It is not necessarily vital that you read it all in order, because this website was developed with the intention of providing you with different resources that you can apply as you see fit.

Philosophically Speaking Business is Good

Due to having an online business, the Coronavirus has had little impact on us. So, we work toward helping others.

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” -Oprah Winfrey

Recession Has Not Affected Us Much

Look, business has been good for us in this age of the Coronavirus. We are sad that so many have suffered and are taking steps to make a difference in their lives. Meanwhile we are grateful for what we have. We’ve been especially fortunate that we possess an organization that functions entirely online which for the moment has made it recession proof to a certain extents.

Helping Others

Some business owners, due to COVID-19, have unfortunately been having a difficult time adding to their bottom line because they did not engage in Digital Transformation. Businesses like ours, which are all online, have had an unfair edge in bringing in a profit. People, in these challenging times, have moved to the internet for business sources. Giving back is very important. Help others.


When we first created DigiRefer we did get some flack for having gone totally cyber. But clearly it has paid off. And this system can pay off for you too. It’s really quite simple. Put as many of the processes, products and services that you can, put online. The fact is you probably know your business and the functionality need so go there first. Look at the outcomes you need and desire and then make them possible on the web. For extra help in this area you can talk to DIYdigi. They have been very helpful for us. If you go to their homepage you can get free stuff including a marketing newsletter, eBook and marketing plan.

The Process

And philosophically we have been experiencing on a high level of gratitude for being able to sustain ourselves through online means. For the moment we feel the best of both worlds, but we never forget we have to continue to be actively involved in the process.

Online Freelancers are Doing Well

Living Where You Work

Although  some digital workers are having a challenging time, overall the online freelancers that we work with are doing well. In some ways the web is thriving in that it is a destination that people have more than ever as they work and live in their homes.

Trying to Rebuild

Unfortunately, many businesses were hit twice. Once by Coronavirus and again by the organized crime against small business with the vandalizing and looting. For some businesses there is no future for them, while others are desperately picking up the pieces and are trying to rebuild.

Renewed Hope

And that is where online workers come in. These special freelancers who are a part of the DigiRefer family are building back dreams for the small business world. Freelancers are helping entrepreneurs to have renewed hope.