About DigiRefer

Connect with Digital Freelancers Who Used to Work with Video Film Web
Connect with Digital Freelancers Who Used to Work with Video Film Web

DigiRefer provides you with digital referrals to connect you with a Digital Marketer. DigiRefer – find your perfect digital freelancer. Are you an ArtisticPreneur who is tired of doing your own marketing? Sick of the so-called easy to setup do-it-yourself websites? Can’t seem to make Digital Marketing functions (like setting up an email list and newsletter) work for you? Or what about even just creating a simple blog and finding time to do blog entries? Is there a solution to these problems that is high quality and yet affordable?

Yes. There is. And it’s called Digi Refer. DigiRefer.com matches you up with an affordable digital media freelancer including web designers, digital marketers and blogging experts. DigiRefer is intended to get results for artisticpreneurs including actors, businesses, educators, experts, nonprofits, performers, students, talents and vendors. Packages for web designing or digital marketing or setting up your blog start as low as just $500.00 complete, so you can rest assured it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg to work with DigiRefer.com.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or if you are already established, Digi Refer can help you with either a one-time setup of your marketing workflow or even assist you on a monthly basis getting new customers. So to get started with DigiRefer simply send us an email describing in as much detail as possible the digital services you need help with or the marketing problems that you face. The DigiRefer team will look over your needs in your email and if we feel we can help you, we’ll get right back to you with a suggested digital media freelancer as well as provide you with an estimate of the costs involved. It’s as easy as that and of course you are under no obligation.

Who are the digital freelancers we pair you up with? They’re friendly folks with lots of experience who formerly worked for extended periods of time with notable media companies such as the now closed VideoFilmWeb.com. Our freelancers currently manage 27 community blogs which they also designed. These blog feature guest bloggers and interviewees. So don’t delay your success any longer, send that email describing your marketing needs. Sending an email to us could make all the difference for your career as an artisticpreneur by providing you with the low cost digital freelance services you so desperately need. Stop being ineffective with your marketing and start seeing results. Send an email to us right now and tell us what you’re looking for.