And Things Continue to Change Because the Only Constant is, well, You Know…But Wait, Aren’t We Really Just Going Around in Circles?!”

Rebel Without a Voice

As we make our way through inflation, COVID, and sad to say, a country divided, we find ourselves metamorphizing our original concept of “DigiRefer” as being an organization that does digital referrals, and instead seem to be becoming a group committed to marketing with the goal and mission to help those in need of specific promotional strategies.

This change came quite by accident really. I was speaking with Marketer Magician, and we were discussing our two favorite topics: marketing and magic. The keystone of the banter back and forth was to key in on the best possible way to identify and reach the exact right person to be a customer of your company and its offer.

Easier said than done though. Because as we delved deeper and deeper it became clear to us, we were both a long way away from achieving this goal. The desired objective of course, is that the exact moment your ideal customer is searching for, you are there to provide it to them. But this requires being a “voice” in your industry, and the best that we could see is that each of us was a rebel without a voice.

They are Big Because they Must be Trustworthy, Right?

We got deeper into the concept of, in a sense, screening who to let in. Of course, the simple way to do this is to actually list the kinds of jobs, agencies and production companies that you are a fit for, and then to pursue them.

Look, if you are a marketer, or work in the web world, then you know that you need to reach someone who is actually interested in your offer. But the real question is, how do you reach that person to put them on track with your own brand’s customer journey? It is easier said than done to ultimately nail a sale.

If you have dollars to waste and burn, then the knee jerk reaction would be to immediately give everything you’ve got to a search engine or social media platform and assign them the task of finding for you your perfect customer from their database and link them to you for a big fee.

Are We Saying to Big Brands “Feel Free to use my Identity?

The biggies are able to monetize our private information with our blessings because we choose to live in a stupor. We choose not to see what is really going on which is that in the end, the mega corps are really advertising agencies that sell our most private info for big bucks. And we let them do this. Why? Because they give us teensy weensy digital trinkets like “free” email addresses, ways to communicate with friends, and document makers.

Why do people give up their most private information for little “digital trinkets?” Maybe it is because most people trust big brands, thinking to themselves that social and search corporations are big for a reason, that they are mostly trustable. Because if they were not, why then would so many people work with them? Ask that same question of any dictator.

Is There a Better Way?

If you have a heart but have used the ad services of search engine and social media platforms, you may have wondered to yourself,

“Is there any other way of targeting and audience?”

Watch now as the SEO and Content Marketing folks pop out of the woodwork and tell you about how they will optimize your site so that you are found by, get this, search engines! That’s right, the so-called “alternative methods” of reaching people still is ultimately ruled over by the search and social undercover advertising agencies. But is there a better way? Or to put it another way,

“What are our options?”

Although most likely we are now actually in the grips of “Big Brother,” it is still reassuring to believe that a highly moral solution is just around the corner. Although they are likely a bit deluded, DIY Digi is searching for a “win win solution.”