Are You a Mad Scientist?

Like a mad scientist mixing up potions, we invite you to dive right in and head up the experiment of developing your own take on the information contained here. It is not necessarily vital that you read it all in order, because this website was developed with the intention of providing you with different resources […]

Online Freelancers are Doing Well

Living Where You Work Although  some digital workers are having a challenging time, overall the online freelancers that we work with are doing well. In some ways the web is thriving in that it is a destination that people have more than ever as they work and live in their homes. Trying to Rebuild Unfortunately, […]

Your Phone is Your Destination

Expansion Digerefer is more than just a place to get digital workers to help you with your projects. It is also the destination for your phone. If you are like many people, chances are that you do much of your work through your phone. And this mode of working is only going to expand. From […]

New Vista for DigiRefer

Helping Creatives and Entrepreneurs DigiRefer will likely change once gets going at full speed. DIYdigi for those of you who haven’t heard about it, is a brand-new entity that specializes in helping performing artists and entertainers (actors, musicians, dancers, comics, magicians etc.) plus small businesses. It is being featured in the current blog post […]

Why Do We Digitally Create?

Not a Cut and Dry Answer to a Question The question arises “Why do we digitally create?” Sometimes the answer is that it is a part of a business venture. This is often why people contact They want a digital referral of someone who can assist them with their digital project which is financially […]