The Web Oriented Industry Thrives

People Love Their Websites It’s a bit overwhelming how vibrant the web industry in spite of (or maybe because of) COVID-19. In terms of our involvement in referring people for digital jobs, the need has been high. Why is this? Maybe because the nation has a lot of time on their hands to do things […]

Using DigiRefer for Your Online Projects

A New Partnership DigiRefer is excited to reveal that we have partnered up with USA How To at This is an educational and marketing company that uses “How To” eBooks to teach users to use tools that are available through USA How To. DigiRefer Online Worker Freelancers DigiRefer is honored to be helping USA […]

DigiRefer Refers You to New Digital Information

DigiRefer and a Possible Quandary We are in the business of referring those in digital fields who can help you with your online marketing arts undertakings for your business or career. Therefore it may seem strange that DigiRefer is now letting you know about free DigiComArts products that are available to you without the need […]

MultiMedia MovieMaking Matrix and Methodology

A Think Tank is Born One of my favorite websites is Entertainment Entrepreneurship because I believe that what they are up to is not only clever and entertaining but also they have cutting edge ideas. That’s why when they asked us to provide them with members of a think tank we were thrilled. Much of […]

Many Thanks to Freelancers and Inquiring Visitors Alike

So Far So Good with DigiRefer, Digital Freelance Referrals What a time we’re having. Thanks to those of you who are contacting us regarding wanting to be a freelancer with us. As well as thanks to those who have been inquiring about hiring freelancers. We are Working with the ArtisticPreneur Collective Also we wanted to […]