And Things Continue to Change Because the Only Constant is, well, You Know…But Wait, Aren’t We Really Just Going Around in Circles?!”

Rebel Without a Voice

As we make our way through inflation, COVID, and sad to say, a country divided, we find ourselves metamorphizing our original concept of “DigiRefer” as being an organization that does digital referrals, and instead seem to be becoming a group committed to marketing with the goal and mission to help those in need of specific promotional strategies.

This change came quite by accident really. I was speaking with Marketer Magician, and we were discussing our two favorite topics: marketing and magic. The keystone of the banter back and forth was to key in on the best possible way to identify and reach the exact right person to be a customer of your company and its offer.

Easier said than done though. Because as we delved deeper and deeper it became clear to us, we were both a long way away from achieving this goal. The desired objective of course, is that the exact moment your ideal customer is searching for, you are there to provide it to them. But this requires being a “voice” in your industry, and the best that we could see is that each of us was a rebel without a voice.

They are Big Because they Must be Trustworthy, Right?

We got deeper into the concept of, in a sense, screening who to let in. Of course, the simple way to do this is to actually list the kinds of jobs, agencies and production companies that you are a fit for, and then to pursue them.

Look, if you are a marketer, or work in the web world, then you know that you need to reach someone who is actually interested in your offer. But the real question is, how do you reach that person to put them on track with your own brand’s customer journey? It is easier said than done to ultimately nail a sale.

If you have dollars to waste and burn, then the knee jerk reaction would be to immediately give everything you’ve got to a search engine or social media platform and assign them the task of finding for you your perfect customer from their database and link them to you for a big fee.

Are We Saying to Big Brands “Feel Free to use my Identity?

The biggies are able to monetize our private information with our blessings because we choose to live in a stupor. We choose not to see what is really going on which is that in the end, the mega corps are really advertising agencies that sell our most private info for big bucks. And we let them do this. Why? Because they give us teensy weensy digital trinkets like “free” email addresses, ways to communicate with friends, and document makers.

Why do people give up their most private information for little “digital trinkets?” Maybe it is because most people trust big brands, thinking to themselves that social and search corporations are big for a reason, that they are mostly trustable. Because if they were not, why then would so many people work with them? Ask that same question of any dictator.

Is There a Better Way?

If you have a heart but have used the ad services of search engine and social media platforms, you may have wondered to yourself,

“Is there any other way of targeting and audience?”

Watch now as the SEO and Content Marketing folks pop out of the woodwork and tell you about how they will optimize your site so that you are found by, get this, search engines! That’s right, the so-called “alternative methods” of reaching people still is ultimately ruled over by the search and social undercover advertising agencies. But is there a better way? Or to put it another way,

“What are our options?”

Although most likely we are now actually in the grips of “Big Brother,” it is still reassuring to believe that a highly moral solution is just around the corner. Although they are likely a bit deluded, DIY Digi is searching for a “win win solution.”

Discovering Your Digital Tool Needs

The Key is to Get Started

DigiRefer literally means a service that can provide referrals to your best fit digital experts who can then in turn help you with your digital packaging needs. Needs include websites, online videos and so on. We by no means are trying to sell you on the products and services of DigiRefer but rather are using them as an example of a strategy you can use to get the help you require to keep climbing that ladder rung by rung, gate keeper to gate keeper.

Do the Research

When you are seeking out those who can make you digital tools, it is a good idea to do a web search using keywords that include the industry you are in and what kind of digital tools you need. How do you know what kind of tools you are looking for? This information is found by researching others who are higher up on the ladder than you are. Research the kind of tools they used at various stages of their career or business.

Looking for a Good Fit

But keep in mind that the digital tools that you need to have created for you, are a part of a strategy to help get you through that next door. Different levels of your pursuit require different tools adapted to each stage. Although it is a good idea to take your cues from what worked for successful people in your industry, there is a strategy that could be a good fit depending on what industry you are in.

Succeeding in Your Niche

If your industry is very niche and requires having experts in that niche, you need to position yourself as an expert. This starts with you being an expert in your field. But once this has been achieved, how do you then climb the ladder of visibility to become KNOWN as an expert throughout your industry? One might think that the way to do this is through showing your impressive resume and accomplishments. Although there is a time and place for this, what your readers or viewers are going to be most interested in is getting from you, good solid information that helps to solve problems that are faced in your industry.

Provide Value

The irony is that to become well known yourself is not to put the focus on YOU but rather is achieved through you helping others in your industry. In other words, take the spotlight off you and shine the light on the needs and solutions of those you help in your industry. This can be done through having a blog, or video or even social media platforms. If going the social media route makes sense, you want to be certain that you interact with your audience looking to help solve their problems related to your industry. Answer their questions and provide them with information of value to them.

Gathering Data

The providing of good information to others is a way you can grow your business, especially if you are in an industry that makes a product or service that requires special expertise to implement. This makes it more likely that even when you provide information to others that they are not likely to do it themselves. This increases the odds in your favor that they will become your clients. That is why when you help people to gain industry knowledge, you are building trust with them that if handled properly could result in having those who you help to become your customers. One way you can capture their information is by having a newsletter that is delivered weekly or monthly.

Gain Respect

A great way of maximizing the potential for your newsletter to lead to getting new clients, requires a strategy that seems counter intuitive. This strategy it to charge people money to receive your newsletter. That is right, if you have a monthly fee that is automatically paid to you monthly through your customer’s credit card, this can result in the recipient of your paid newsletter to eventually seek you out for your products and services. Why? Because when they pay you for your niche information, they tend to have more respect for your knowledge than when they get it for free.

Digital Tools

The more you entertain, inspire, and provide useful knowledge that solves the problems for those in your industry, the more likely you are to have them eventually work with you. Become a face they know and grow to trust. Stay away from inundating them with tons of words and instead show them how to maximize their industry pursuits digitally. The need for online and digital solutions is especially important because due to the Pandemic many people remain in their homes and rely on their phones and computers to move their businesses forward. If you want to move forward yourself in your business or career, be sure to get the digital tools you need as well.

Yianni Stamas Cries Out Joyfully: “Let it be know that Today is the Winter Solstice Which is a Great Time to Reflect on the Fact that DigiRefer is More than Just a Tool, it is a Way to Bring People Together

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

The photo above is of Winter snow here in Manhattan. A time for sledding with your kid or kids and yes, the Winter Solstice.

A Time of Celebration

Hi Everyone Y.E.S. here (Yianni Euripides Stamas) reiterating that the Winter Solstice arrived and that it is a time of celebration for various cultures across the globe.

Wikipedia points out that other versions of the Winter Solstice internationally include:

  • Alban Arthan (Welsh)
  • Blue Christmas (holiday) (Western Christian)
  • Brumalia (Ancient Rome)
  • Dongzhi Festival (East Asia)
  • Korochun (Slavic)
  • Sanghamitta Day (Theravada Buddhism)

And so on.

Pandemic and Division

Also it is a time of thanks from DigiRefer. We are happy if you have used DigiRefer as a tool in your toolbox for getting the digital workers you need to create your art or business endeavors. All we ask in return is that you use your newfound power as a manager to focus on things that are good for your community whether online or off. The more people who are focused on service the better it will be in these challenging times of a Pandemic and a division between the folks in our great country.

What Marketing Tools are Right for You?

Each online marketing tool has a purpose and a benefit. Also, there is no right or wrong answer to what the purpose or benefit is, because it is entirely open to you and your interpretation. You can select what works best for you.

We have certain tools that we like. Also, these are the exact same tools we use for our own marketing. In fact, it is very possible these strategies are what lead you to us. Additionally, we custom make these tools for others who either don’t know how to make them or are too busy to take the time to do so.

Additionally, when we make tools for our clients, since each has a purpose and benefit, we provide our customers with a bit of consulting, especially if they decide they want to wield their tools on their own and not have us do so for them.

Philosophically Speaking Business is Good

Due to having an online business, the Coronavirus has had little impact on us. So, we work toward helping others.

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” -Oprah Winfrey

Recession Has Not Affected Us Much

Look, business has been good for us in this age of the Coronavirus. We are sad that so many have suffered and are taking steps to make a difference in their lives. Meanwhile we are grateful for what we have. We’ve been especially fortunate that we possess an organization that functions entirely online which for the moment has made it recession proof to a certain extents.

Helping Others

Some business owners, due to COVID-19, have unfortunately been having a difficult time adding to their bottom line because they did not engage in Digital Transformation. Businesses like ours, which are all online, have had an unfair edge in bringing in a profit. People, in these challenging times, have moved to the internet for business sources. Giving back is very important. Help others.


When we first created DigiRefer we did get some flack for having gone totally cyber. But clearly it has paid off. And this system can pay off for you too. It’s really quite simple. Put as many of the processes, products and services that you can, put online. The fact is you probably know your business and the functionality need so go there first. Look at the outcomes you need and desire and then make them possible on the web. For extra help in this area you can talk to DIYdigi. They have been very helpful for us. If you go to their homepage you can get free stuff including a marketing newsletter, eBook and marketing plan.

The Process

And philosophically we have been experiencing on a high level of gratitude for being able to sustain ourselves through online means. For the moment we feel the best of both worlds, but we never forget we have to continue to be actively involved in the process.

Process Inspired by Chazz Palminteri

Can One Person Do ALL the Jobs on a Movie at Once?

DigiRefer helped the DocuMystery entitled Thrillumentary with casting. Normally they are involved with projects that need technicians and specialists but they were intrigued with the idea of doing a feature film with only one person on the technical end doing all the jobs including producer, writer, director, DP and so on. The only persons needed beyond the person doing all these jobs were the actors and hence DigiRefer helped out in this area. Here is an excerpt of a post from the Entertainment Entrepreneurship website.

Excerpt from Documystery Regarding One Man SoloPreneur Crew

“For those of you not familiar with the DocuMystery Experiment in conjunction with Thrillumentary, it was an undertaking in which the very nature of making films was completely reinterpreted. It relied on primarily one artist behind the scenes who wrote, directed and produced the movie with the only other folks working on the endeavor being the actors.”

One Man Show to Movie

The person behind the project Thrillumentary admits to having been inspired by Chazz Palminteri and the amazing process he utilized in going from one man show to motion picture, in this case the film is “A Bronx Tale.” Here is an excerpt from DigiComArts.

DigiComArts Excerpt

“DigiComArts is fascinated by the creative mind and process of people who start with nothing but inspiration and then take a project through its phases of development and ends up with something. Take for example actor Chazz Palminteri and his project “A Bronx Tale.” In a remarkable fashion Chazz created a one man show that lead to a succession of several successes.”

The Sequence of Events

A Bronx Tale is a semi autobiographical one-man show written and performed by Chazz Palminteri. It tells the coming-of-age story of Calogero Anello, a young New Yorker torn between the temptations of organized crime and the values of his hardworking father. It originally premiered in Los Angeles in the 1980s, before moving Off-Broadway. After a film version involving Palminteri and Robert DeNiro was released in 1993, in 2007 Palminteri performed his one-man show on Broadway and on tour.

Online Marketing

An area that is often overlooked is that of online marketing. There are lots of options available, especially if you have a budget, but there is an incredible freebee. And not only is it free, but you can make money directly from it. We’re talking of course about becoming a YouTuber which is the topic of a new eBook that is soon to be released called “How to Become YouTube Famous and Make Money Doing It.” It is unknown when this is eBook will be released but if you sign up for the free USA Create Newsletter you will be notified once it is. Meanwhile here is an excerpt from the introduction to the book as seen on Celebify.

Quote from Celebify

Follow Your Passion and Become a Successful YouTuber

“Your passion might be to become a musician, magician, actor, fine art creator, dancer, filmmaker or many more. Of course, you can become famous online just for being a YouTuber but if you are aligned with a profession or have a business you love you are more likely to do the work necessary to become famous online.”

Free and Useful Newsletter

If you are interested in learning more about the YouTube eBook and when it is going to be released, please go here to join the Newsletter which is free and will also provide you with monthly free online marketing tips. Also, the newsletter will let you know when the YouTuber eBook has been released,

Final Words

If becoming a YouTuber is a good fit for you, being successful at it and becoming an influencer is a great way to promote a film or virtually any project you can think of.