Digirefer in Holding Pattern and Hoping for Reinvention so that on their Return they Can Reach Out to You

An Online Solution?

In addition to having many other sources for possible income, digirefer.com can occasionally be a go-to solution for those who are seeking new work opportunities. But now that many digital freelancers have lost their primary jobs due to cutbacks brought on by the Coronavirus, it has become much more difficult to find freelance work. The dream is that someone would centralize a solution in the interest of many by founding a place to go for those who make their living on the internet. In reaction to this dream Digirefer made this statement:

 “At Digirefer we wish we could be your solution today, but sadly we cannot. We are forced to go into a holding pattern. Our apology to all those who are negatively impacted by this action. We hope that during our recess we will be able to reinvent ourselves to better serve you tomorrow.”

The Pandemic has had an Impact on Digital Workers

Because of the pandemic and building competition, to best serve those who they work w, digirefer is in a holding pattern to allow themselves to be able to have a focus on reinventing themselves with greater access to employment leads. Having a place to get leads would be extremely helpful considering the deluge of digital creatives seeking work online. This problem just gets worse, even as the virus is easing up. It is especially challenging for emerging digital freelancers who have not yet established themselves in the industry. They are the first ones to get left out.

Do not Wait Around, Act

But is there a place that someone looking for digital work, despite the dog-eat-dog realities of there being too many people all hoping to land the few gigs that are available. The short answer for someone on the job search is that they do not give up and instead continue to make the rounds, tapping into those who have relationships and could potentially set up meetings for them. Obvious, yes. But not all those in need are remaining active in their search. And maybe one day Digifer will return, having a new and better business model for helping those they serve.