DigiRefer is Back

Digirefer Says AI is as Exciting as Going to the Moon

DigiRefer is back, back again, and possibly better than your Aunt Gertrude’s secret apple pie recipe. You know, the one she won’t even give to her favorite nephew. And oh boy, they are kicking up a dust cloud in the AI industry that’s likely to make any self-respecting robot blush.

Rumor has it that the Ask AI Guy, who has a new book just written today called “AI Fast WordPress Website” as well as is the renowned two month old tech guru (part robot, part human) ,has taken it up a notch. The Ask AI Guy project now has three of the approximately 75 sites of the Blog Coalition joining in more directly with the Ask AI Guy and subsequently those of DigiRefer.

“Books on AI.” It’s an arm dedicated solely to books about artificial intelligence. “Books on AI,” has got you covered. The information is there, waiting for you to consume, as easy as eating that aforementioned apple pie.

The second division, “Marketing Services AI,” is the George Clooney of marketing, suave, sophisticated, and ready to steal the limelight. The traditional marketing playbook is being rewritten, my friends. It’s all about AI now. Just like how the fax machine replaced the pigeon carrier, AI is the new marketing starlet, ready to make your business shine brighter than a diamond.

Now, buckle up, because the third revelation is a newsletter that’s going to set the world on fire. Literally? No. Metaphorically? Absolutely. Say hello to “AI GLAD,” the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence Global Latest Alerts Diary. This isn’t your usual newsletter, mind you. It’s the equivalent of having an eagle-eyed AI scout delivering a hand-picked list of AI news, trends, and tips straight to your inbox.

“AI GLAD” is a rhapsody of useful content and a cure for the ignorance epidemic in this rapidly growing field. Forget the monotonous, generic newsletters. This is your personalized source of the latest AI shenanigans, all aimed at helping you succeed in this brave new world.

And DigiRefer has been invited to the party also. See you next time!