The Key is to Get Started

DigiRefer literally means a service that can provide referrals to your best fit digital experts who can then in turn help you with your digital packaging needs. Needs include websites, online videos and so on. We by no means are trying to sell you on the products and services of DigiRefer but rather are using them as an example of a strategy you can use to get the help you require to keep climbing that ladder rung by rung, gate keeper to gate keeper.

Do the Research

When you are seeking out those who can make you digital tools, it is a good idea to do a web search using keywords that include the industry you are in and what kind of digital tools you need. How do you know what kind of tools you are looking for? This information is found by researching others who are higher up on the ladder than you are. Research the kind of tools they used at various stages of their career or business.

Looking for a Good Fit

But keep in mind that the digital tools that you need to have created for you, are a part of a strategy to help get you through that next door. Different levels of your pursuit require different tools adapted to each stage. Although it is a good idea to take your cues from what worked for successful people in your industry, there is a strategy that could be a good fit depending on what industry you are in.

Succeeding in Your Niche

If your industry is very niche and requires having experts in that niche, you need to position yourself as an expert. This starts with you being an expert in your field. But once this has been achieved, how do you then climb the ladder of visibility to become KNOWN as an expert throughout your industry? One might think that the way to do this is through showing your impressive resume and accomplishments. Although there is a time and place for this, what your readers or viewers are going to be most interested in is getting from you, good solid information that helps to solve problems that are faced in your industry.

Provide Value

The irony is that to become well known yourself is not to put the focus on YOU but rather is achieved through you helping others in your industry. In other words, take the spotlight off you and shine the light on the needs and solutions of those you help in your industry. This can be done through having a blog, or video or even social media platforms. If going the social media route makes sense, you want to be certain that you interact with your audience looking to help solve their problems related to your industry. Answer their questions and provide them with information of value to them.

Gathering Data

The providing of good information to others is a way you can grow your business, especially if you are in an industry that makes a product or service that requires special expertise to implement. This makes it more likely that even when you provide information to others that they are not likely to do it themselves. This increases the odds in your favor that they will become your clients. That is why when you help people to gain industry knowledge, you are building trust with them that if handled properly could result in having those who you help to become your customers. One way you can capture their information is by having a newsletter that is delivered weekly or monthly.

Gain Respect

A great way of maximizing the potential for your newsletter to lead to getting new clients, requires a strategy that seems counter intuitive. This strategy it to charge people money to receive your newsletter. That is right, if you have a monthly fee that is automatically paid to you monthly through your customer’s credit card, this can result in the recipient of your paid newsletter to eventually seek you out for your products and services. Why? Because when they pay you for your niche information, they tend to have more respect for your knowledge than when they get it for free.

Digital Tools

The more you entertain, inspire, and provide useful knowledge that solves the problems for those in your industry, the more likely you are to have them eventually work with you. Become a face they know and grow to trust. Stay away from inundating them with tons of words and instead show them how to maximize their industry pursuits digitally. The need for online and digital solutions is especially important because due to the Pandemic many people remain in their homes and rely on their phones and computers to move their businesses forward. If you want to move forward yourself in your business or career, be sure to get the digital tools you need as well.