MultiMedia MovieMaking Matrix and Methodology

A Think Tank is Born

One of my favorite websites is Entertainment Entrepreneurship because I believe that what they are up to is not only clever and entertaining but also they have cutting edge ideas. That’s why when they asked us to provide them with members of a think tank we were thrilled. Much of the talent we had developed fit right in with this. Documystery is a fave too!

Solopreneurs are the Audience Targeted

The project was film oriented but could actually be interpreted as being for all solopreneurs. What Entertainment Entrepreneurship failed to disclose was that not only did they create a movie up to the point of post production, they also had a parallel documentation process intersecting with eLearning. They taught their students through an ongoing weekly installment online course, how to use the very technique they were developing.

Calling All Creative Minds

The Entertainment Entrepreneurship article is very spot on regarding calling us a place for creative talent. That is our main concentration. Making sure that our people are creative in more ways than just the talent that they specialize in. This means that sometimes they will work as experts in their field, but they can then show the relationship of that field to other areas of study. This can only be done through the trained and creative mind.

Does it Solve a Problem?

How astute is it to lay out the plan for an artist of today (of any kind) to make money. Of course they can go to a referral service like digirefer, but it is even more proactive for them to begin to think about the problem they solve with their art THAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE INTERESTED IN.

The Info Product Transition

The nice people at Entertainment Entrepreneurship say the problem solved is determined, then one’s art can be used as something to spice up the informational piece. And as the artist reaches more and more people for their informational projects, the less they have to focus on information and the more they can focus on their art its self.

Solopreneurs Again

According to DocuMystery, solopreneur’s don’t get the respect and “information providing” that they deserve. If I wasn’t doing DigiRefer I would explore marketing to the solopreneur. They have so much potential and are appreciative of solutions that work well for them.

Info Meets Art

So dear artists who are reading this. Please realize that the early days of an artists in this time of technology, is different than it was many years ago when we did not have access to so much tech stuff we can use to document our art. So when doing that documentation it is recommend you do start to think about one of the topics we looked at in this post: selling information along with your art!