New Vista for DigiRefer

Helping Creatives and Entrepreneurs

DigiRefer will likely change once gets going at full speed. DIYdigi for those of you who haven’t heard about it, is a brand-new entity that specializes in helping performing artists and entertainers (actors, musicians, dancers, comics, magicians etc.) plus small businesses. It is being featured in the current blog post at DigiComArts. DIYdigi is also working with DocuMystery to test systems to get up and running.


DIYdigi does this by first creating a website for the client or redoing an existing one, so that it is more mobile phone friendly. Then once the website is in place according to DIYdigi’s specifications, the next phase is to create customized digital tools.


These tools are designed to assist you with getting new customers. This is where the DIY part comes in because you are the one using the tools according to the process outlined in our eBooks that we supply you with.

For Those Who Don’t Want DIY Element

Of course, not everyone is going to want to go DIY with using digital tools to get new customers, so DIYdigi has a division that handles doing a full-service approach to the phase that consists of using the tools. In other words, they will do it for you.


Now, you might be wondering how DigiRefer is going to be impacted by the development of this new organization. Here’s how: we will be the ones finding the digital artists to help with DIYdigi’s methodology. DIYdigi will be using high caliber freelancers.

Finding the Balance

In a conversation that I had with DIYdigi’s founder recently, I learned a lot about his new company and his plans for it. It seems that he is looking for a balance between clients receiving services as opposed to doing it all themselves.

Good Feelings

Much of his knowledge is self-taught and he wants to spread the joy of this approach. There’s nothing so rewarding as creating something yourself. The satisfaction is knowing you did it on your own. This good feeling is something that he wants to spread around. For example, he acted as a consultant on the DigiComArts site. Also, he was paramount in getting participation from DocuMystery.

Free Stuff

If you would like information about DIYdigi and to be in touch with them, the best approach is to join the USAcreate.coms’ Free Newsletter of which DIYdigi is a big contributor. Also, when you subscribe to the newsletter you will also receive a free 10-day email course on marketing.

More Free Stuff

Plus, upon finishing the subscribing, you will also get an instantly downloadable free checklist eBook that is a guide to what digital campaigns need in order to run properly. Many who have heard of the 19-phase campaign formula will recognize it in this eBook.

DigiRefer Refers You to New Digital Information

DigiRefer worked with USA Create to bring you the new digital communication arts tools.

DigiRefer and a Possible Quandary

We are in the business of referring those in digital fields who can help you with your online marketing arts undertakings for your business or career. Therefore it may seem strange that DigiRefer is now letting you know about free DigiComArts products that are available to you without the need of DigiRefer aka Digital Referrals. So why are we showing you this information? Because we helped in the process of bringing these new digital options to you.

Go to:

Get Free Educational Tools

There you will find the opportunity to subscribe to a free email newsletter that also includes an instantly downloadable eBook of your essential checklist for success as well as a 10 day email course. All of these free tools are currently being used by the film industry with sites such as DocuMystery.

We Checked Out the Free Tools Ourselves

We recently subscribed to the newsletter and got the freebies which we found quite useful from the standpoint of becoming better informed about options for one’s business and career.

The Free Newsletter is Terrific

The newsletter was useful from the standpoint of it introducing the real life activities of a New York City based marketing firm’s activities leading up to a weekly marketing tip.

The Free 10 day Email Course is Grounding

The 10 day email course you receive is invaluable because it gives you insight, one day at a time, to 10 different ways you can better promote your business or career.

The Free Checklist and eBook

And finally the check list which we got instantly when we initially signed up for the newsletter, was helpful for making decisions about what kind of DigiComArts marketing tools we would be implementing for our own business and DigiRefer website.

Get a Better Grasp on Your Needs

So in closing, we hope you will check out those resources since sites like DocuMystery are using them. You may discover that you still need our referrals of digital artists to help you develop your promotional approach. But either way, you’ll definitely come away with a better grasp on your needs.

MultiMedia MovieMaking Matrix and Methodology

A Think Tank is Born

One of my favorite websites is Entertainment Entrepreneurship because I believe that what they are up to is not only clever and entertaining but also they have cutting edge ideas. That’s why when they asked us to provide them with members of a think tank we were thrilled. Much of the talent we had developed fit right in with this. Documystery is a fave too!

Solopreneurs are the Audience Targeted

The project was film oriented but could actually be interpreted as being for all solopreneurs. What Entertainment Entrepreneurship failed to disclose was that not only did they create a movie up to the point of post production, they also had a parallel documentation process intersecting with eLearning. They taught their students through an ongoing weekly installment online course, how to use the very technique they were developing.

Calling All Creative Minds

The Entertainment Entrepreneurship article is very spot on regarding calling us a place for creative talent. That is our main concentration. Making sure that our people are creative in more ways than just the talent that they specialize in. This means that sometimes they will work as experts in their field, but they can then show the relationship of that field to other areas of study. This can only be done through the trained and creative mind.

Does it Solve a Problem?

How astute is it to lay out the plan for an artist of today (of any kind) to make money. Of course they can go to a referral service like digirefer, but it is even more proactive for them to begin to think about the problem they solve with their art THAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE INTERESTED IN.

The Info Product Transition

The nice people at Entertainment Entrepreneurship say the problem solved is determined, then one’s art can be used as something to spice up the informational piece. And as the artist reaches more and more people for their informational projects, the less they have to focus on information and the more they can focus on their art its self.

Solopreneurs Again

According to DocuMystery, solopreneur’s don’t get the respect and “information providing” that they deserve. If I wasn’t doing DigiRefer I would explore marketing to the solopreneur. They have so much potential and are appreciative of solutions that work well for them.

Info Meets Art

So dear artists who are reading this. Please realize that the early days of an artists in this time of technology, is different than it was many years ago when we did not have access to so much tech stuff we can use to document our art. So when doing that documentation it is recommend you do start to think about one of the topics we looked at in this post: selling information along with your art!

USA Create Wants You

DigiRefer and the new kid on the block, USAcreate, have partnered to exchange resources. Since USA Create is a collective of freelancers, they are appealing to DigiRefer as a source of talent. And vice versa, USAcreate is looking to DigeRefer for DigiRefer’s “Dig-ites.”

USAcreate creates online marketing made in the USA. They are currently developing their Market Your Journey division, that empowers those who have careers or businesses in the mind/body/spirit space.

Why Do We Digitally Create?

We live in an era dominated by digital communication. People connecting digitally to each other who are next door neighbors! But what is the reason that we digitally create?

Not a Cut and Dry Answer to a Question

The question arises “Why do we digitally create?” Sometimes the answer is that it is a part of a business venture. This is often why people contact They want a digital referral of someone who can assist them with their digital project which is financially based.

Getting Their Message Out There

But with folks who are not just Entrepreneurs but are artists too (making them ArtisticPreneurs) the lines get blurred a bit. ArtisticPreneurs are often Artists who want an Entrepreneurial edge to get their creative message out there.

Artistic Recognition

ArtisticPreneurs can be any kind of artist – including writers, actors, musicians etc. – who use entrepreneurship to get their art seen by others. ArtisticPreneurs are often members of the ArtisticPreneur Community and are motivated by their desire to be recognized for the artistic work they do.

Connecting with an Audience

Sometimes the answer to the question “Why does one digitally create” is as simple as that they desire to be “seen” and “approved” by their peers or a larger audience.

Share Your Creativity

In passion projects for example, why does a person create digital aspects of an undertaking that is not commerce motivated? Again, maybe it is because they want to their share creativity. Creativity, in a manner of speaking,  is an extension of self and people sometimes have a need to have their “self” affirmed.

Why Make Digital Art?

Does this answer the question as to why artists make digital art, including digital music files, eBooks and online movies etc.? At DigiRefer we’ve noted that approximately 30% of those contacting us in order to be referred to a digital creative, are doing so for projects that are not being implemented for the money. Why is this? What do you think?  We’d love to hear from you. If you have already joined the Newsletter, simply hit “return” and email us.

ArtisticPreneur has Begun the Building Process

ArtisticPreneur Updates
This image gives a bit of insight into how the new ArtisticPreneur “About” page looks. Slowly but surely ArtisticPreneur, barring any unforeseen deterrents, plans to create new content and pages to provide ArtisticPreneurs with valuable information.

Building Process

One of our partners,, has begun the building process. Much like a literal building site, ArtisticPreneur has decided to make public the addons to their blog. Here is the most recent stage which is a new “About” page.

Source of Artistic Talent

ArtisticPreneur is one of our sources of artistic talent. As their domain name states, we are able to find ArtisticPreneurs at

Wishing them the Best

We wish ArtisticPreneur the best during this time of change and are looking forward to the stages along the way!

Many Thanks to Freelancers and Inquiring Visitors Alike

DigiRefer Update
It turns out social media does not solve all marketing problems. It is just one of many digital tools. To get the latest update from DigiRefer please keep reading!

So Far So Good with DigiRefer, Digital Freelance Referrals

What a time we’re having. Thanks to those of you who are contacting us regarding wanting to be a freelancer with us. As well as thanks to those who have been inquiring about hiring freelancers.

We are Working with the ArtisticPreneur Collective

Also we wanted to let you know that our working with the freelance collective ArtisticPreneur is now official. is the site of a group of Digital Media Marketing specialists and freelancers who take on client projects as well as are involved with in-house projects that are all digitally oriented in one way or another.

Safety First

Let’s face it. We live in a digital world and it is something to embrace. Carefully of course, because there are thing to be wary as evidenced by occurrences like the Facebook controversy, as well as the down side of other social media sites.

To Use Social Media, or Not to Use Social Media, that is the Question

That’s why DigiRefer focuses on creating digital tools that are not social media oriented. Of course you can always use social media to promote your DigiRefer campaign once the digital tools have been completed.

Looking for a Digital Marketing Freelancer?

Digital Marketing freelance professionals are available to you.
Digital Marketing freelance professionals are available to you.

As currently found on our “About” page, matches you up with an affordable digital media freelancer including web designers, digital marketers and blogging experts. DigiRefer is intended to get results for ArtisticPreneurs including actors, businesses, educators, experts, nonprofits, performers, students, talents and vendors.

To Even Further Clarify What DigiRefer Does, Here’s an Example from Wikipedia of the Referral  Process using Lawyers Instead of Digital Marketers

Here’s the paragraph from

“A lawyer referral service maintains a network of lawyers, and connects people in need of lawyers with its participating attorneys. A potential client who contacts a lawyer referral service is directed to a lawyer who practices in the area of law that is most appropriate for their situation. Some lawyer referral services charge a fee for providing a referral, while others provide referrals at no cost to the prospective client. Many referral services connect prospective clients with lawyers who have agreed to provide a low-cost or free initial consultation.”

Forbes Magazine Describes What they Call Digital Marketing 4.0

Here’s what Forbes Magazine has to say:

“The prior framework [of Digital Marketing] includes websites, email campaigns, digital advertisements, basic social media management and basic blog publishing. It only focuses on increasing visits to websites but has no focus on lead conversion and proper online lead qualification. This most recent iteration, though, includes:

More Integrated Global Marketing: Inbound and outbound marketing should now be combined. In comparison to cold-calling, consider this “warm-calling.” For example, after someone reads a blog article on your site, follow it up with an email sharing more meaningful content.”

ArtisticPreneurs and the Future of Digital Marketing

What then is the future of Digital Marketing? It is going beyond today’s common practices and instead approaching the work with more interaction. Like, for example, the interaction opportunity that ArtisticPreneur offers in regards to the 27 blogs they manage. Read on for more information on how you can get coverage as a Guest Blogger or Interviewee If you feel you have knowledge to contribute to other ArtisticPreneurs then please contact ArtisticPreneur.

The following information can Currently be Found on’s Website on Their Contact Page:

DigiRefer recommends ArtisticPreneur as a source for Digital Marketing. Here is more information from the ArtisticPreneur website regarding the Guest Blogger or Interviewee opportunity as well as a window into what ArtisticPreneur does:

The mission of ArtisticPreneur is threefold (1) to provide you with a free weekly email newsletter that is designed for you the ArtisticPreneur to learn how to use (A) video producing, (B) web designing, (C) digital marketing and (D) blogging to get more customers, clients and fans. And (2) since manages 27 blogs all of which are geared toward helping ArtisticPreneurs like you, this makes possible an exciting opportunity for you to get more exposure for your passion because we are always on the outlook for new guest bloggers and interviewees. Hope to hear from you soon.

DigiRefer for ArtisticPreneurs Who Want Their Marketing Made Simple

The world of promotion is now a lot more fun.
The world of promotion is now a lot more fun.

DigiRefer is a new service that helps you find the digital freelancer who is the best fit for you. Do you need someone to help you create promotional tools including video producing, web designing, digital marketing and blogging? DigiRefer makes life more easy for you by taking the burden of promoting yourself and your business off of your shoulders.

DigiRefer is a great resource for ArtisticPreneurs who want to focus on creating their artistic or business products and services, and would rather not be bothered with the marketing details. DigiRefer is “marketing made simple” and freelancers usually charge at or below industry standards for the work they do. Also, each job is quoted as a package. This means that from the get-go you’ll know what you are paying with no hidden fees down the line.

Plus, monthly maintenance packages are available that include things like adding new posts, updating pages with pictures/content, maintaining an email list, doing blogging and so on. Your package will be determined by your marketing goals and the strategies you want to use. And since DigiRefer freelancers are also digital consultants, they’ll be able to help guide you through the processes you embark on with your new found tools.

To get started with DigiRefer email us right now.

Making Digital Marketing Easier and Affordable

Digital Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Difficult
Digital Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

We know how confusing doing your own digital marketing can be.  For example, there are various “DIY” website solutions being touted as “easy” that are actually quite difficult to use. Let alone being able to set up an online email collection system or even just keeping up with doing blog entries.

That’s why we have established DigiRefer. We have a database of high quality and affordable freelancers who have worked for notable media companies such as Video Film Web. Depending on your needs, we will match you up with the digital freelancer who is just right for you. You’ll be able to breath easier knowning that help is on its way.

And this is our first blog entry for DigiRefer to be followed by many more. We are committed to using this blog to provide you with insights into the digital marketing world. Our goal is to bring you value with each new installment.