Out of My Subconscious Emerged What I Really Should be Focusing on

For the past few hours I have been writing what I thought was going to be a post for this blog, but soon realized that instead of what I thought I was writing, what I was actually doing was detailing my latest “plan.”

Which One is the “Ultimate Must-Do?”

For several months I have been going down the rocky path of making my way through a multitude of different ideas of what I thought I was going to be doing next. But each concept I came up with would inevitably mutate into to yet another direction. Time and time again I would arrive at what I thought was “The One” but it would suddenly transform into yet another so-called “Ultimate Must-Do .”

Changing Action Plan, After Action Plan, After Action Plan

Needless to say, this has frequently led to me feeling frazzled and unclear. This especially true because throughout the years, when I was looking for my next entrepreneurial undertaking the formula was simple. I would decide on the coming direction based on need at first, but also on the vision aspect. Additionally, another thing that informed my decision was based on the latest technology and having access to it before others, giving me an edge. But I’ve had no such luck recently. Nothing truly connected to cutting edge media has been uncovered. It is always “back to the drawing board.” I have creating computer folder after folder containing the info and images I have generated, hoping that this would be the action plan to stick with.

Is This the One?

I read something yesterday in a blog post that I found quite interesting and accurate in defining what I have been going through. The author was exploring methods for success, examining various approaches of goal setting and follow-through in regards to them. Specifically, the entry was about the way that we sometimes can not find what we are looking for, believing the next fleeting contestant is the one we surely will stay with.

How to Find What You are Seeking

The moral of the story of the article I was reading online, is that when faced with many choices, pick one and stick with it. Even though there will be times that you will feel that the concept you are currently working on is the worst idea ever, keep working on it anyway and eventually it will evolve into what you have been seeking.

Kicked Off of the Conveyor Belt

This insight resonates with me. I am the kind of person who never has a lack of new material formulating in my mind. My brain is often in overdrive, popping out new stuff onto the conveyor belt, only to have it kicked to the floor, making way for the next choice, and then the one after that, and the one after that. This has been my experience lately.

Been There, Done That

The ray of hope though, is that I realized as I jotted words down for what I thought originally was going to be today’s blog content. As I mentioned earlier, I found that what I was writing was turning out to not be the blog post I thought I was composing. Instead it had transformed from being a website entry to the beginning of writing a blueprint for a fresh way of looking at a concept that I had before.


I have been rather secretive in my process as of late. The reason for keeping it under wraps is because until I was certain about something, mums the word (pun intended for those in the know). Because there is nothing worse than revealing a project idea stating “This is what I am going to do” only to, almost immediately, abandon it and move onto the next contender. Letting the cat out of the bag so to speak, has its headaches.


There is a  possible light at the end of the tunnel though. The last 3 ideas I have had for what is next, have themselves been interspersed with a return to a certain concept. Three times went back to it. Fingers crossed.