If this is Your “Before” Shot, What is the “After?”

METHOD HOW You Can Maybe “Change Your Life?”

Some pretty bold statements in the title of this blog post. Yes indeed. We do not know about you but if someone starts throwing around claims that what they offer could change your life, we usually roll our eyes and then utter under our breath sarcastically “Yah, right.” Making big promises like saying that you know the secret to Art Gush which can supposedly help you to gush out art from within you.

METHOD HOW to Use the DigiRefer Solution to the Problem of Knowing You Need to be More Creative to Make a Difference in the U.S.A. and the World!

Again, this heading is a bit too grandiose for our taste. We would be quite happy to just be happy let alone inspire others in America and transform the Earth into a better place. Again, achieving the state of mind to be “Happy to be Happy” would be enough. Or for that matter, rather than thinking about things that can cause you pain, maybe even find a moment to chuckle by watching Bigfoot Zombie tap dance.

METHOD HOW to Become “”Happy to be Happy”

Some say this is possible, so let’s look into finding the solution of achieving this. Why? Because in some ways, as seems to be the case with many others, we could be described as being “Unhappy to be Unhappy.”

METHOD HOW to Get into Your Corner What Everyone Knows Needs and Know they Need it, plus, Spoiler Alert, We are Not Speaking of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness (Despite How Nice it is to Have Those Things)

Or even if we could be happy to “not be totally unhappy,” would, well make us more happy and possibly be more creative. Why become more creative? For us it is because we believe that “Creativity” is one of the most useful solutions to problems so everyone needs it, and owes to themselves to have it.

METHOD HOW to Start to Learn a lesson in “Creativity” Using the DigiRefer System

Look, we have said it before and we will say it again, the most important step in becoming more successful is to stop judging yourself so intensely. If you pulled back just a little bit and let the sunshine in (Sorry, Ugh) there really can live “Happily Ever After.” Really?

METHOD HOW to Overcome Being a Cynic

We are going there? Sure. Why not? Because those, like ourselves, who gag at the thought of “Happily Ever After” could mean we are cynics and as everyone knows. most cynics are disappointed idealists. Plus, if you are the kind of disappointed idealist who believe if you are able to Celebify yourself to become famous, then you would be happy. Not true. Fame does make you happy. But it can mean paychecks to live quite comfortably.

METHOD HOW to Use the “DigiRefer” System as your Pathway to become a “Winner in Business?”

First off, being a “Winner in Business” simply means that rather than trading hours for payment one hour at a time, one who “wins” in the entrepreneurship process, is a person who has figured out how to use “DigiRefer.” But how is this done? What is the METHOD HOW to do it?

METHOD HOW to Go from Being “N.P.” to Become Just “P” thereby Possessing the Ability to Use the DigiRefer System to Get What You Want, Need and Desire

DigiRefer” as an idea can involve those who are creative. DigiRefer is what some use as a term to describe the referring of someone who is versed in some area of the digital industry, to then have that person help out on a project of some kind. We could go into a definition of “Digital” as involving the “Non-Positive” (N.P.) and “Positive” (P).

METHOD HOW to Use DigiRefer in Order to Utilize Digital Roads to Success

But rather than delving into science and complexity, for our purpose’s digital is a way of storing data. For example, if we take a picture with our phone, the image is digital. The picture or data is stored on your phone. And those who specialize as workers in the digital domain, often involve creativity in a digital process, such as putting together a digital video or a digital graphic. We have just barely scratch the surface of what is possible with DIgiRefer and other useful tools.