Why Do We Digitally Create?

We live in an era dominated by digital communication. People connecting digitally to each other who are next door neighbors! But what is the reason that we digitally create?

Not a Cut and Dry Answer to a Question

The question arises “Why do we digitally create?” Sometimes the answer is that it is a part of a business venture. This is often why people contact DigiRefer.com. They want a digital referral of someone who can assist them with their digital project which is financially based.

Getting Their Message Out There

But with folks who are not just Entrepreneurs but are artists too (making them ArtisticPreneurs) the lines get blurred a bit. ArtisticPreneurs are often Artists who want an Entrepreneurial edge to get their creative message out there.

Artistic Recognition

ArtisticPreneurs can be any kind of artist – including writers, actors, musicians etc. – who use entrepreneurship to get their art seen by others. ArtisticPreneurs are often members of the ArtisticPreneur Community and are motivated by their desire to be recognized for the artistic work they do.

Connecting with an Audience

Sometimes the answer to the question “Why does one digitally create” is as simple as that they desire to be “seen” and “approved” by their peers or a larger audience.

Share Your Creativity

In passion projects for example, why does a person create digital aspects of an undertaking that is not commerce motivated? Again, maybe it is because they want to their share creativity. Creativity, in a manner of speaking,  is an extension of self and people sometimes have a need to have their “self” affirmed.

Why Make Digital Art?

Does this answer the question as to why artists make digital art, including digital music files, eBooks and online movies etc.? At DigiRefer we’ve noted that approximately 30% of those contacting us in order to be referred to a digital creative, are doing so for projects that are not being implemented for the money. Why is this? What do you think?  We’d love to hear from you. If you have already joined the ArtisticPreneur.com Newsletter, simply hit “return” and email us.