Let it Snow, Let it Snow

The photo above is of Winter snow here in Manhattan. A time for sledding with your kid or kids and yes, the Winter Solstice.

A Time of Celebration

Hi Everyone Y.E.S. here (Yianni Euripides Stamas) reiterating that the Winter Solstice arrived and that it is a time of celebration for various cultures across the globe.

Wikipedia points out that other versions of the Winter Solstice internationally include:

And so on.

Pandemic and Division

Also it is a time of thanks from DigiRefer. We are happy if you have used DigiRefer as a tool in your toolbox for getting the digital workers you need to create your art or business endeavors. All we ask in return is that you use your newfound power as a manager to focus on things that are good for your community whether online or off. The more people who are focused on service the better it will be in these challenging times of a Pandemic and a division between the folks in our great country.