Yianni Stamas Visits DigiRefer and Shows You How to NOT Judge Yourself when You are Engaged in the Creative Process and are Attempting to Create Something New

If You Have a New Idea Do Not Discredit Yourself Before it is Done

What does that description “New” really mean? Is it a discovery of something never seen before? Or is everything seen as “New” really, technically, never seen before? You may believe that even an idea is not new, because it existed prior in various components and those components have components and so on. Yianni Stamas in some of the blogs of the Blog Coalition has always tried to make it clear the importance of becoming your own friend. Introduce yourself to you such as “You Meet You.”

Is the New Business Process Really “New”?

Look, in a sense there is really nothing new at all about the so-called New Business Process. Some might say that “cutting edge promoting” is merely a compilation of old standard ways of doing things, as they have been done in marketing and promotions in maybe a different format, but still existing for decades, maybe just in a different form.

“Don’t second guess yourself about what is new and what is not. The irony is it could get you stuck in a negative loop, hence missing a chance to make something new!

There is a Reason Products often Use the Phrase “New and Improved”

Using the term “New” definitely makes some people feel uncomfortable though, because for all they know someone else may have come up with this exact take on business years ago. And it is probably the case. But in the end it is just marketing.

What is the First Step?

Now let’s begin to break it down. What is the “New (?) Business Process?” It is a 10 step process for Producer Creators to develop an idea further. We all have ideas from time to time regarding business, but then often throw them to the side thinking that it was not a good idea anyway. Or was it?

How do You Know if an Idea is Good or Bad?

The funny thing is that even if in its current incarnation you think your concept is bad, maybe you could make it into something you can get excited about. And maybe this thought can be a part of a rationale that leads to continuing to continue.

Yiann Stamas adds “Don’t Start Beating Yourself Up Before You Even Get in the Race,” there are Enough People Out there Who Will Do that for You!”

So what can I do to make this a little more to the point? We all know the clique that “writing is rewriting.” Some go further with this statement by using the metaphor of an idea being like a block of ice. Right now it is, well, a block of ice. But maybe you have a vision of some kind thinking about how you can carve it into a sculpture of a person, place or thing?

Is Your Ice Sculpture New?

If you made a block of ice into a person, is that new? Is the figure you are working on have something familiar about it? We are all working in one way or another with the source of years of experiences. These experiences could prompt you to use an idea from your past, that you do not even remember you had.

And now it is that notion that is prompting you, which you think is new but is actually a subconscious memory. So is what you have made new? As Yianni Stamas says in leaving “If it is new to you that is all that really matters!”